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Veterinary Chiropractic

‘Treating Canine and Equine patients with care and gentleness’

I am delighted to now be in a position offer Animal Chiropractic care to small and large animals with special interest in Canine and Equine patients. Having passed my Veterinary Chiropractic exams I am excited to be in a position to combine my two great passions in life Chiropractic and my love for animals. The Veterinary Chiropractic practice will be mobile, where I come to see your animals.

The relationship and biomechanical dynamic between a horse and rider is a special example of where I will assess both horse and rider on a visit to assess a horse, because unresolved biomechanical issues in the spine of with will impact the other. A horse will most likely continue to have repeated functional issues impairing optimal performance for a number of reasons but one of these can be if the rider too has biomechanical problems requiring Chiropractic care.

Recently I observed a classic case of aberrant sacro- pelvic and lumbar spine movement patterns affecting gait in both horse and rider, they matched almost completely. An example of where I would treat both horse and rider. When examining and treating animals it is always with the consent of the vet in charge of the health care of the animal, communication between the two professions is mandatory and essential for complete understanding of any other health issues which might be impacting the health of the animal.

Furthermore, any issues outwith our sphere of practice as Animal Chiropractors, we recognise as taught to us by the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic (IAVC), and understand to refer on to the Veterinarian in charge of the general health care of the animal.

It will be a privilege to help you and your wonderful animals of all shapes and sizes.

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