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‘Treating your back pain with care and gentleness’

Dr Audrey Murphy has over 20 years experience of working with patients and over this time has qualified in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and also holds a Masters degree in Research Methods in Health.  As well as working in practice Dr Murphy has also held lecturing positions both at the AECC her Alma Mater,  and at IFEC in Paris where she thoroughly enjoyed working as the Director of the Teaching of Research at IFEC . However working with patients on a daily basis is what brings Dr Murphy  the greatest satisfaction of all because the reality is witnessing somebody arrive in great pain and then leave so much better and less distressed.

Dr Murphy has a very gentle and caring approach and takes time to understand the outside factors in the life of a presenting patient which might be adversely impacting both creating the problems in the first instance and in the second instance raising the risk of re- occurrence at a future date if left unaddressed. Dr Murphy takes the time to look at ergonomic, leisure activities and domestic environment to assess their relative impact in the life of every presenting patient and attempts to address these factors in a working relationship over time.

Dr Murphy is registered with the GCC and is also a BCA member. In her free time Dr Murphy loves to spend quality time walking her beloved Cocker Spaniel, running, reading everything from crime forensic novels to philosophy, enjoys film, especially comedy and action packed CSI dramas and following her experience of lecturing in Paris, all things French, from their cuisine to literature and art. As Hemingway once said “Paris is a moveable feast”.

In addition to Chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Dr Murphy is pleased to offer electronic Acupuncture for the needle phobics among us as well as Cold Laser Therapy to help speed up recovery from damage caused to muscles and ligaments following strains and sprains.

To take the first step is the hardest decision but if unsure Dr Murphy offers free telephone consultation to discuss your problem as well as free 10 min assessment of your condition to help decide if your problem is something which can be treated by employing Chiropractic and or acupuncture or best referred to your GP or a physiotherapist.

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